We provide repair services for Nikon pro DSLR cameras, Nikon consumer DSLR cameras, Nikon/Nikkor Lenses and Nikon Film Cameras. We have been repairing high end Nikon cameras for over 11 years and can solve the problem with your camera or lens quickly.

Prices for all Nikon DSLR camera repairs and Nikon 1 are based on actual estimates and usually it takes 1 day to estimate the camera repair cost and turnaround time. We will not start any repairs without the customer’s approval. Please check the complete list of Nikon digital cameras that we repair below.

In addition to the repair we check all cameras to make sure that there are no additional problems and we perform complete cleaning. We have fast turn around time and, if parts are on hand rush repairs within 1 or 2 business days can be done.

All Nikon DSLR camera repairs include Image Sensor cleaning.​


Nikon Camera Repair Models

Nikon D Series

Nikon D40Nikon D3000, Nikon D40XNikon D3100, Nikon D50Nikon D3200, Nikon D60Nikon D3300
Nikon D70Nikon D3400, Nikon D70SNikon D3500, Nikon D80Nikon D5000, Nikon D90Nikon D5100
Nikon D100Nikon D5200, Nikon D200Nikon D5300, Nikon D300Nikon D5500, Nikon D300SNikon D5600

Nikon D500Nikon D7000, Nikon D600Nikon D7100, Nikon D610Nikon D7200, Nikon D700Nikon D7500

Nikon D750, Nikon D800, Nikon D800E, Nikon D810, Nikon D810A, Nikon D850