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Camera Rental Service

Camera Repair | DSLR On Rent | Camera Accessories

Our Collections

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Rs. 800/- Day

Canon 1300D

1 (4).jpg

Rs. 1000/- Day

Canon 700D

1 (3).jpg

Rs. 800/- Day

Canon 600D

1 (6).jpg

Rs. 1000/- Day

Canon 200D M ii

1 (5).jpg

Rs. 800/- Day

Canon 1500D

1 (7).jpg

Rs. 800/- Day

Canon 200D

1 (8).jpg

Rs. 900/- Day

Canon 750D

1 (9).jpg

Rs. 1200/- Day

Canon 70D


Rs. 1400/- Day

Canon 80D


Rs. 2000/- Day

Canon 7D


Rs. 2000/- Day

Canon 6D M ii


Rs. 2500/- Day

Canon 5D M iv


Rs. 1000/- Day

Nikon D5600


Rs. 800/- Day

Nikon D3300


Rs. 800/- Day

Nikon D3500

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1st Floor, Pillar Number 1100
Near Punjagutta Metro Station
Punjagutta, Hyderabad - 500082

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Steps to Rent a Product

  • Make sure that you have the documents required for our security purpose.

  • No Security Deposit is required. Just pay the rental charges of the particular product.

  • Bring the security documents along with you while coming to our office.

  • Submit the documents.

  • Take the required Product.

  • Pay the total rental charges to us through Online Transfer/Cash at our Office while taking the Product.

You need to provide the below 3 Original Documents for security purpose :

  • 1. Mandatory Proofs 
    a. Vehicle RC
    b. Driving License
    c. Passport 


  • 2. One Present Staying Local Address Proof
    a. Gas bill(Present Month)
    b. Electricity bill(Present Month)
    c. Hostel/PG bill (Present month)


  • 3. Permanent Address Proof
    a. Aadhar Card

1. Documents must be of the person who is collecting the Camera/Equipment.
2. Documents should be provided Original.
3. Softcopies, Laminated Copies, Duplicates or Xeroxes are not taken.
4. Any bill for Present address proof should be recent month.

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